Do you believe in modern relationships? Rose does. She is determinated, active, and very sensitive. Today, she is going to meet someone very imortant for her.... First time she gaves a rendez-vous. Waiting for him, she doubts but never looses her elegance. For this occasion, she wants to be elegant, a bit sexy and feel…Read more Rose



City life isn’t always easy... That’s why business woman like Johanne need to relax after work. For her, I designed a comfy jumpsuit. Made of cotton and polyester, it is fresh and soft. The top hide and seeck cut, fastened by a fabric belt knoted around two metallic buckles, allows to feel at ease while…Read more Johanne


Britany is a very cultivated woman, who loves valorising her thin waist with fitted pants inspired from the fifties. She loves being elegant but also sexy, that's why she wears an open-back white top. The pants are made of cotton, fresh fiber for summer. The white mousseline top lining is also made of cotton for…Read more Britany