Poison Ivy

This dress was ordered by Miss Prisci, for a wedding.

She wanted a long coktail dress which would represent a strong link with nature, but also an independant and sexy woman.

That’s why our two major inspirations for this project were Artemis, greek godness of forest and hunting, and Poison Ivy, from DC Comics.

The base of the dress is a simple drape, to create an antic aspect. I structured the mousseline folds around the front zipper, that I covered with lace to stay elegant.

The cotton lining only covers Prisci from chest to thights, so we can see her long legs. They are also revealed by a long front openning, that make the dress sexy.

A huge thank to :

Ju Liie Photography

Miss Prisci




This dress was ordered by Liferty, a French singer, in order to promote her first album.

She wanted something chic, with an antic touch. The idea, through the dress and te pictures, was to express how a girl becomes a woman.

I chose a dark red crepe to make the dress chic. Then I cut a hide-heart long dress that, closed by only two buttons on the waist, creates ‘antic’ folds on the waist, and a front openning that can reveal a leg.

A huge thank to :

Philippe Giralt Photographie