2017/10/21 : Antiquaires’ Fair

Last Saturday I had the chance to promote my creations for the first time during a fair.

Thanks to the support of Ghazarian Antiquités, Bertrand Klein Antiquités and Fontaine Antiquités, I exposed my creations during three days and had the opportunity to set up a fashion show.

Despite a short timing to find models, eight young women joined me for this event. We also had the support of CamArt Productions, a talented photographer, who took all the following pictures.


A huge thank to :

  • CamArt Productions for his beautiful pictures
  • Marion Gross, Margot Tschaen, Elodie Grasset, Noémie Krieger, Charlotte Debs, Emeline Reysz, Laura Bouley and Armance Ferreol for their particiption and implication.




City life isn’t always easy… That’s why business woman like Johanne need to relax after work.
For her, I designed a comfy jumpsuit. Made of cotton and polyester, it is fresh and soft. The top hide and seeck cut, fastened by a fabric belt knoted around two metallic buckles, allows to feel at ease while marking the waist.
The pattern evoques old-school men suits. To complete this androgyn look, I created a fold at the back of the top, like vintage jackets. Below the fold and the belt, you’ll find an amazing patch… Don’t forget to express what you like, Johanne ! That’s what makes you unique.

Now, let her relishing her ice cream after a hard working week.


A huge Thank to Thelma Mercier for her beautiful pictures.


Britany is a very cultivated woman, who loves valorising her thin waist with fitted pants inspired from the fifties.

She loves being elegant but also sexy, that’s why she wears an open-back white top.

The pants are made of cotton, fresh fiber for summer. The white mousseline top lining is also made of cotton for more comfort.

The double laces in the neck add a sophisticated touch to the outfit.

But Britany doesn’t only like museums and art.. She is also interested by a lot of other many things… See her magazine …


A huge Thank to Thelma Mercier for her beautiful pictures.


Natacha is a working girl who wants to feel free and elegant at work.

That’s why she wears viscose pants rolled up over the ankles.

She married her pants with a silk kimono : the shape is directly inspired by Japanese culture, while the patern evokes Deauville deckchairs.

But as a good working girl, Natacha never stops working…. See what happens to her.




A huge thank to Thelma Mercier for her beautiful pictures