About Sharivaree

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Welcome in Sharivaree’s universe !

My name is Stéphanie De Souza and I create pieces of clothing since the age of 12. I was born near Paris, had lived in Bordeaux for 6 years and am now based in Alsace.


My inspiration comes from the places I visit, but also from exhibitions and museums. Moreover, I’m really interested by fashion history.

This culture, mixed with a childhood on motorcycle tracks and a strong addiction to Rock N’Roll, developed my interest for unconventional movements, that break traditions and reinvent ways of living. Punks, Romantic painters ( 19° century ), Surrealism, StreetArt ( particulary Banksy ) and the fifties-seventies period inspire me a lot.

Preciously keeping French Couture knowhow, I imagine clothing according to 2 major guidelines :

– Clothing has, obviously, to be useful and comfortable for the wearer. I choose quality materials that are adapted to the user’s way of life.

– Clothing is a way of expression : trends are not allowed here. Only the wearer’s style and desires are important.


You can also find me on :





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